Quality policy

Trading company Cotra d.o.o. Varazdin is specialised in the broad field of electrical equipment and installations, from low and medium to high voltage ranges.

Our company is lead by the principles of responsibility, accuracy, timeliness and a fair, civilised and correct approach towards all our business partners. By those means we’re lifting our overall quality level which we hold very important for our competitive capability.

In our efforts to improve all aspects of our business, we have decided to develop and implement our own quality system based on the ISO 9001:2000 standard and by those means, our aim is to identify ourselves with the best companies worldwide.

Through that policy, our everyday efforts, monitoring and constant improvements, we hold that we can thrive both on a domestic and foreign markets.

Reaching those goals in our company, it’s also necessary to reach the same goals with our business partners. This goals can be achieved only by thorough and constant education of all our employees, including our general manager who is the most responsible person for promotion of all activities that reflect on the quality of our company.

Having in mind all mentioned above, both our company and it’s employees will improve their quality. Through the success of our company, the employees will also improve their own individual success and private life.

Our brands

In our wide and broad portfolio representing over 15 brands